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Our strength is your advantage. At Enterprise Software (ESW) Capital, we're experts in acquiring software companies--quickly transforming them into profitable and innovative operations, delivering new investment to neglected assets and working tirelessly to deliver 100% Customer Success. We stabilize and energize the acquired operation, identify key new capabilities and provide support you can count on for the years to come.


Disrupting the Enterprise Software market with free, no-strings licenses to our enterprise solutions  

With our revolutionary ESW|Prime program, any of our customers with a current license for one of our software solutions are eligible for a FREE license for our Standard Edition of any of our Prime-eligible, portfolio applications across our brands. Free--nada --no charge--no strings attached. The more products we add through acquisitions the more you benefit. You can replace existing applications across your organization and put that savings back in your business. You'll be a budget hero! 



Access Aurea software for free, forever. 

As an Aurea client, you're automatically a member of Aurea Prime. That means unlimited access to our broad portfolio, which grows with each acquisition we make.


You Already Have the Key to Prime.

As an Ignite customer, you already hold the key to the Ignite Prime Program as a unique new way for Ignite customers to take advantage of other top enterprise applications and application development platforms.

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